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In my latest post I discussed one part of the presentation I gave a week ago for a group of senior HR managers. I shared my experience using the one page strategic plan for leading distributed teams. The second topic …

Hugo Messer 13 April 2015

Lisette Sutherland, author of Collaboration Superpowers, did an interview with Hugo Messer. In the interview, Lisette and Hugo discuss Hugo’s experience setting up Bridge, starting offices in India and Ukraine, the books he’s published and what does and does not work …

Hugo Messer 3 December 2014

We recently launched our new ebook about offshoring and nearshoring: ‘How to prepare for managing a remote team?’ We found that many people skip some very important steps when they move work offshore. Most companies spend a lot of time on country and supplier selection and once that’s fixed, they get going. Many problems in communication and collaboration can be prevented, by focussing on some essential steps before ‘doing it’.

Where do you start when you plan to move work halfway across the globe, to a country and culture you don’t know, several time zones away? What can you do to prepare your company and your people to make offshoring a success? What have other people done in order to prepare for their offshore journey? Typical questions that come up while preparing, are:

Hugo Messer 3 February 2014

Due to the low wages in Eastern Europe, Dutch companies like to work with them. Yet there are pitfalls discovered by Hugo Messer.

Sometimes, accidental meetings are the start of a successful company. When Hugo Messer worked eight year ago in a printing office, he could not imagine that a meeting with two IT guys from Odessa (Ukraine) would turn his career upside down. ‘I already had seen enormous opportunities for IT-outsourcing in India. I just started my own company when those guys told me more about Ukraine. A country with 47 billion residents and a huge offer of highly educated IT-professionals. Every year, 7.000 to 10.000 young people graduate from technical universities. Next to that, there was no sight at all that the country would join the EU very soon and that is favorable for the wages.’

John van Schagen 20 December 2013