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Regarding our outsourcing group.


I am writing about why I think certain processes are important in an offshore-onshore team relationship. This is purely based on my experience and I believe it could be applied to most in this area and will add value to …

Anoop 23 May 2016

We need to develop a broader range of tasks that present significant problems, require sustained reasoning, and require component information to be integrated to form a conclusion. High-order testing checks that the software meets customer requirements and that the software, …

Saji Xavier 18 December 2015

In my latest post I discussed one part of the presentation I gave a week ago for a group of senior HR managers. I shared my experience using the one page strategic plan for leading distributed teams. The second topic …

Hugo Messer 13 April 2015

Are you a doctor with your own practice and you are wondering why you ought to consider taking advantage of medical billing outsourcing? It is no secret that doctors are considered to be very smart individuals, but when it comes to medical billing, lots of them are totally clueless. It is as though a lot of those who are in the medical field have actually given up hope of ever effectively handling the financial part of their practice and decide to have their billing department handled by just “anybody” – in the long run, their practice ends up suffering…badly!

Daven Michaels 17 October 2013

Once considered a controversial topic, outsourcing is now embraced, not just by technology organizations but with information technology (IT) departments of companies in various industries. I can confidently say that the volume of technology offshore outsourcing – where small and large organizations in economically developed nations send work to companies in developing countries – has risen since this approach became common during the mid 90′s economic boom. During that period, the standard of the practice remained pretty much the same.

Daven Michaels 26 September 2013