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Bridge Global is geared to embrace a fresh start! We are getting a new office building which will also become our Indian development centre. This is indeed an exciting and progressive time for all the Bridgys. The brand new office …

17 October 2017

Hurray! We have successfully completed two webinars on DevOps! Bridge Global is at the forefront of embracing innovative ideas. At Bridge, we follow the Agile software development methodology in a Scrum framework. The software solution expert is one of the …

28 September 2017

Last week, I wrote an article about lean distributed startups. The past months, one of the startups within our company that has taken most of my attention is ‘hire a nerd’. The main goal of this project is making a product out of our current core service (building offshore and nearshore dedicated teams for software firms and departments). Yes the name is provoking, we’re also contemplating launching a second version under our Bridge brand. We try to achieve two things for our customers:

13 November 2013