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Magento on Amazon Web Services

Magento Commerce (cloud), formerly Enterprise Cloud Edition, is a hosting platform for Magento created specifically for cloud infrastructures. It is a managed and automated platform that runs on Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud. This combines Magento Commerce, cloud infrastructure hosting, …

25 April 2018
Omnichannel Retail

The better will give way for the best. This is the common spectacle that you find everywhere, and the retail scene is not different. The retail landscape has grown from single channel to multichannel and is now evolving to omnichannel. …

21 March 2018
Best ecommerce solutions

eCommerce (or electronic commerce) is one of the dominant digital disruptors of the past few decades. An eCommerce solution/eCommerce platform is a software application that allows businesses to build online stores, manage their website, sales and operations. The advent of …

20 February 2018