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In my latest post I discussed one part of the presentation I gave a week ago for a group of senior HR managers. I shared my experience using the one page strategic plan for leading distributed teams. The second topic …

13 April 2015

The past months, I have been experimenting with the lean startup method in a distributed setting. Let me explain this, because if you are not an offshoring insider, this could sound like gobbledygook.

The lean startup method you probably have heard about. The essence of the method is: if you have a (software/internet/app) product idea, develop a minimum viable product as fast as possible. This could be an ‘alpha’ version of your software, but even better is a ‘simulation of your idea’.

31 October 2013

I was taught risk management the classic way. You know, risk log, voting for probability and impact, finding out which risks are the most painful, deciding on mitigation plan, discussing results etc. A cool thing in this old-school process is that it …

11 June 2010